Nobody reads long copy

Advertising started out as selling prose written by newspapermen. Obviously, long copy. Later on, illustrations, and then photographs, were added to make the advertisements more attractive. The copy evolved. Various theories came up as to how shorter headlines and pithy body copy made it easier for the reader to absorb the sales pitch. But even … Read more

Trumping the Competition

As in poker, so in politics. And maybe, even in Advertising! Leading on your opponents to believe that one holds better cards is a classic strategy in poker. What is usually referred to as bluffing. Which of course demands a few prerequisites. The classic ‘poker face’ is the first of them. A definite lack of … Read more

Do you want a Job in Advertising

In today’s world, even the term ‘advertising agency’ is no longer strictly correct Advertising Agencies today are called upon to plan and execute much more than advertising for their clients. In response, many agencies are re-branding themselves as brand communications agencies. The in-vogue term nowadays is Strategic Brand Consultancy. Agencies in the 21st century create and … Read more

Have you ever felt that you need experts to communicate for your business

Have you ever felt that you need experts to communicate for your business? Is your business capability optimally expressed to your audience? Do you feel the need for a communication expert? You’re at the right place at the right time! Outsiders usually look upon communications professionals as wonderful and almost mythical magicians. That said, the … Read more