How to Design Your Website for SaaS Products

Best Ways Create Your Website for SaaS Companies Building a useful website is essential for promoting and selling your SaaS products. One needs to put in enormous thought, effort, and time to design the most user-friendly website for SaaS products. Dig deep into the article to discover tips to help you design the best website … Read more


So you have finally got the job of your dreams – an entry level position in a communications agency. After the first couple of paychecks, the next question will be how do I get ahead? You might be a writer, art director, digital artist, client servicing executive, media planner or whatever. The first step is … Read more

3 Cs of hiring creative

Every agency will, at some point in time, find itself needing more creative professionals.  New business gains, or employee attrition, whatever the cause may be. Any smart business manager knows it is always better to promote from within, provided the guys on the inside have a definite upside! But, at times, hiring new crew is … Read more

Agency Compensation

Agencies have to be paid. And on time. The only question is, how? In the initial years, as the advertising business evolved, newspaper owners paid a commission of 15% to advertising agents who bought ad space in their publications. Slowly the individual ‘agents’ grew into advertising agencies with the expertise to develop extensive ad campaigns … Read more


Long ago, advertising students were taught to imagine a single member of the target audience, and talk to that person when creating communication. This is a rather nifty technique, but something that takes a bit of skill and practice to perfect. But once students figure it out, it can be used to crack almost any … Read more

Do celebs sell

Perhaps that should be rephrased as “Do celebs sell products?” Almost every brand which can afford communication today seems to have a celebrity endorsee or brand ambassador. Celebrity endorsement is an advertising strategy which involves celebrities or a well-known person using their social status or their fame to help promote a product, service or even … Read more

How to brief your communications agency

Let’s imagine that you are an SME. You have a product or service that has be launched or revamped. You have figured out that you need the services of a competent communications agency. And you’ve managed to find a good young agency. Now how do you brief the agency? Note: the operative word is brief. … Read more