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The 3 C’s of Hiring Creative

Every advertising agency will, at some point in time, find itself needing more creative professionals.

New business gains, or employee attrition, whatever the cause may be. Any smart business manager knows it is always better to promote from within, provided the guys on the inside have a definite upside! But, at times, hiring new crew is unavoidable. Continue Reading

Ad Stories

Cutting Edge Communication

Long ago, advertising students were taught to imagine a single member of the target audience, and talk to that person when creating communication.

This is a rather nifty technique, but something that takes a bit of skill and practice to perfect.

But once students figure it out, it can be used to crack almost any product. Continue Reading

Ad Stories

Nobody Reads Long Copy!

Advertising started out as selling prose written by newspapermen. Obviously, long copy.

Later on, illustrations, and then photographs, were added to make the advertisements more attractive. The copy evolved. Various theories came up as to how shorter headlines and pithy body copy made it easier for the reader to absorb the sales pitch. Continue Reading

Ad Stories

Trumping the Competition: Advertising Strategy


As in poker, so in politics. And maybe, even in Advertising!

Leading on your opponents to believe that one holds better cards is a classic strategy in poker. What is usually referred to as bluffing. Which of course demands a few prerequisites. The classic ‘poker face’ is the first of them. A definite lack of ‘tells’ is another. Good bladder control, and steady motor nerves are others. Continue Reading

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